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Legal consulting «Linker» was created in 2014 on the basis of stable links that have emerged between the translators of «Linker» Translation Bureau and independent experienced lawyers in the process of collaborative work on legal and linguistic support of foreign citizens. Already at that time, the experience of co-working included more than five years of experience in successful solution of the problems of our clients in the field of inheritance law, as well as in civil and criminal cases. Moreover, we emphasize it once again that our first established customers were foreign citizens who are known as incredulous persons, who pay attention to the quality of the provided services and the professionalism of the performers.

Since then, the experience of our lawyers and the audience of our clients has grown many times, but it can be proudly noted that, despite the switch to flexible pricing, the quality of the services provided and the style of communication with clients have not deteriorated on an iota. Moreover, constantly engaged in self-education and introducing new technologies, our employees strive to increase the efficiency, completeness and quality of the services provided, while reducing the prime cost. Also, you can be sure of confidentiality - never yet since day one of Linker’s existence have client data and the essence of the ongoing business been disclosed to any third party.

Turning to the group of companies «Linker», you can be sure that the attitude to you will be the most respectful, and your problems will be examined with all attention and thoroughness, without the slightest misunderstanding, because our motto is: “We will find a common language!”

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